S2E3 – Ecommerce Marketing & Websites with Alex Schupp

S2 E3-Ecommerce Marketing with Alex Schupp

Alex is an ecommerce marketing expert and the founder of marketing agency Denver Crowd. In this episode, we discuss what its like to grow an agency and how to create, promote, and market and ecommerce website and business.

S2E2 – Women in Marketing & Technology with Kristin Foster

Women in Marketing - Kristin Foster

We get real with Kristin as we discuss what its really like for women in marketing and technology. Marketing leader – Kristin Foster shares her experiences with working in agency and software industries. Plus, the benefits of women’s groups and what its like to train as an endurance athlete.

S2E1 – Tim Ash Unleashes our Primal Brains

S2 E1-Tim Ash on Brands and Brews Marketing Podcast

We start season 2 off right with an interview with international speaker and best selling author Tim Ash. We talk about marketing and why its important to focus on the human brain, instead of relying on technology.