S3E17 – SEO & Content AI Tools w/ Tom Winter from SEOwind

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In this episode, Jesse McFarland interviews Tom Winter, co-founder of SEOwind, about the intersection of SEO and AI. Tom shares his journey from being skeptical of AI to realizing its potential in enhancing content creation. He emphasizes the importance of feeding AI with knowledge and working in partnership with it to achieve optimal results. Tom also discusses the impact of AI on SEO and how it can be used to amplify human skills rather than replace them. He shares insights from a 30-day challenge where his team posted 100 AI-generated articles and saw significant improvements in clicks and impressions. Tom concludes by highlighting the need for a human touch in AI-generated content to ensure its value and relevance.


Key Takeaways:

  • AI is faster at processing data than humans, making it a valuable tool for content creation.
  • Feeding AI with knowledge is crucial for obtaining high-quality output.
  • AI and humans can work together in a “cyber method” to achieve better results than either can achieve alone.
  • AI-generated content must provide value and be helpful to users to be effective.
  • Adding a human touch to AI-generated content enhances its quality and relevance.
Tom Winter Seo Wind



Tom Winter is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of SEOwind, a tool that helps copywriters create comprehensive briefs for articles based on data and AI. With a background in SEO and a passion for leveraging AI to improve content creation, Tom is dedicated to bridging the gap between SEO experts and copywriters.

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