S3E14 – The Importance of Product Marketing for Software Companies with Tamara Bizyuk

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In this episode of the Brands and Brew Marketing Podcast, host Jesse McFarland and guest Tamara Bizyuk discuss the importance of product marketing for software companies. They emphasize the need to understand the target audience and industry, while also being open to new perspectives and opportunities. This and more as they talk about marketing while drinking beer.


Core Discussions:

Beer preferences [00:00:21]

Tamara and Jesse discuss their beer preferences and experiences with different types of beer, including the beer Tamara is drinking in Prague.

Importance of product marketing for software [00:05:52]

Jesse explains the importance of product marketing for software companies in communicating the value of the product to the target audience.

Tips for finding a target audience for a new product [00:09:03]

Jesse shares tips for finding a target audience for a new product, such as hosting webinars and analyzing the response to them.

Product Marketing for Software [00:11:18] 

Importance of knowing the industry and avoiding bias in expanding target audience for software companies.

Finding Ideal Consumer for a Product TAM, SAM, SOM [00:16:14]

Using the analogy of fishing net, the Jesse explains the concept of TAM, SAM, SOM. 


Tamara Bizyuk Product Marketer

Tamara Bizyuk


Tamara is a strategic, results-driven marketing leader with an established track record in driving product demand and growth for diverse B2B SaaS technology companies

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