S3E16 – Growth Strategies to Build Brand & Create Demand with Andrew Bolis

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Are you a startup struggling to grow your brand and create demand? In this episode of the Brands of Brew Marketing Podcast, Andrew Bolis shares his top five growth strategies for startups in 2023. The most valuable lesson from this podcast is that startups should focus on affordable and sustainable strategies that create demand and build brand over time. Andrew emphasizes the importance of using existing content and focusing on distribution to get in front of the right people.

This and more as Andrew and Jesse talk about marketing while drinking beer.


Core Discussions:

Definition of Fractional CMO [00:03:29] 

Andrew defines what a fractional CMO is and how it differs from a marketing consultant.

Five Growth Strategies for 2023 [00:05:37] 

Andrew shares his five growth strategies to build brand and create demand for 2023, focusing on affordable and sustainable options.

Cold Email Sequences to distribute content [00:08:16]

Example: using webinars as a marketing strategy, including finding the right audience and using email sequences to promote them.

Company-wide LinkedIn program [00:12:42] 

Deploying a LinkedIn program for employees to post, comment, connect, and DM, with tips on optimizing profiles and creating engaging content.

Partnering with other companies on virtual events and research reports [00:17:17] 

Co-creating events and reports with non-competitor companies to promote to both databases and increase reach.

Tapping into existing communities and distributing content [00:19:47] 

Building an active presence in marketing and sales communities, associations, and influencers to tap into their existing audience.

Building your own community with monthly invite-only virtual round tables [00:22:48] 

Hosting monthly round tables for CEOs to discuss trends and network, eventually building a community from there.

Emerging Marketer:

Networking on LinkedIn [00:29:47] 

Andrew and Jesse discuss the importance of networking for emerging marketers and share tips on how to reach out to senior professionals on LinkedIn.

Andrew Bolis on a marketing podcast

Andrew Bolis


Andrew is an experienced digital marketer and former Saas CMO. He is know a Business Growth Consultant and Fractional CMO.

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