S3E13 – The Importance of Good Design in E-commerce with Lauren Schwartz

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In this episode of the Brands and Brew Marketing Podcast,  host Jesse McFarland and guest Lauren Schwartz, CEO and founder of Loft325, discuss the importance of good design in marketing and branding for e-commerce companies.

Lauren emphasizes the importance of understanding the consumers and their emotional triggers to create effective design strategies.

Jesse and Lauren also discuss the challenges of selling digital products and the value of user-generated content. Lauren shares her approach to creating a design strategy for e-commerce brands and dealing with difficult clients. Plus, a discussion on the role of AI technology in design.

This and more as the talk about marketing while drinking beer.


Core Discussions:

Montucky Cold Snack Branding [00:00:48] 

Discussion of the branding and marketing strategies of Uckele Cold Snack, a beer brand based in Montana, including their retro design, target audience, and unique marketing tactics.

Difference between Designer and Creative [00:04:15] 

Explanation of the trend of referring to oneself as a creative rather than a designer in the design industry, and the difference between the two terms.

Value of Good Design for Companies [00:06:03] 

Importance of good design in making a visual impact and influencing buyer decisions, and the increasing recognition of the value of creative in the marketing industry.

The role of design in e-commerce [00:09:43] 

The importance of design in e-commerce and how it can educate customers about the value of a product.

Starting a design strategy for e-commerce [00:12:13] 

The process of starting a design strategy for e-commerce, including understanding the product, audience, and competitors.

Examples of brands with successful creative strategies [00:13:29] 

Examples of brands with successful creative strategies, including Liquid Death and Red Bull, and how they resonate with their audiences.

Creativity and AI [00:18:36] 

The speakers discuss the role of AI in creative design and copywriting, and how it can be a useful tool but not a replacement for human creativity.

Starting a Design Career [00:21:18] 

The speakers give advice for those starting a career in design, including finding mentors, learning new tools, and specializing in a particular area.

Starting Loft325 [00:24:04] 

Lauren Schwartz explains why she started her own agency, Loft325, and how it focuses on creative strategy for direct-to-consumer brands and agencies.

Building Trust with Difficult Clients [00:26:54] 

Lauren discusses how she handles difficult clients by being transparent and kind, and how it’s important to build trust with them.

Challenges of Design ROI [00:27:42] 

The host and Lauren discuss the challenges of measuring ROI for design services, compared to other marketing services, and the importance of customer relationships.

Importance of Transparency in Creative Work [00:29:32] 

Lauren emphasizes the importance of being honest and transparent with clients, especially when it comes to creative work, and how it’s not always the designer’s fault if something doesn’t work.

Emerging Marketer:

  • Starting a Design Career [00:21:18] 

    Lauren gives advice for those starting a career in design, including finding mentors, learning new tools, and specializing in a particular area.

Lauren Scwartz on the Brands and Brews Marketing Podcast

Lauren Schwartz


Lauren is a thought leader in creating profitable creative strategies for eCommerce brands and a design professional with over 15 years of experience within the digital space. She is also the owner and founder of The Loft 325.

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