Episode 009 – The Truth About SEO, Building & Running a Marketing Agency with Alexander Vere Nicoll

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In this episode, Jesse and Kirill discuss entrepreneurship and building and running a SEO marketing agency all while traveling the world with Alex Vere Nicoll.

Plus, modern SEO, the alcohol branding industry, and a rant on social media.

Join Jesse, Kirill, and Alex as we chat about various marketing topics all while enjoying a cold beer.


Alex’s Story:

  • From agency employee to entrepreneur
  • Digital nomad and traveling the world while running an agency (70 different countries)
  • The challenges of traveling and working digitally
  • The challenges of running a business
  • Figuring it all out and running a successful SEO agency – The Brandsmen

SEO Marketing Agency

  • The truth about SEO at a marketing agency
  • When does a business need a SEO agency?

Marketing Alcohol

  • Growing and launching an alcohol brand
  • Alex’s alcohol marketing agency – The Firewater Firm
  • Consumers and alcohol branding and why WE choose what we drink
  • Alcohol brands that crush it with marketing

Social Media Rant:

  • Why marketers hate social media
  • The social media Alex likes – Untapped
  • Advertising & influencer advertising
Alex Circle

Alexander Vere Nicoll


Alex has a very interesting background and lifestyle as a successful entrepreneur while creating two marketing agencies.
– All while traveling the world and living his best life.

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