Episode 008 – Personal Branding & LinkedIn Best Practices with Sam Swirsky

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In this episode, Jesse and Kirill discuss personal branding and best practices on LinkedIn with Sam Swirsky. Plus, an awesome rant with “Good Marketing vs Bad Marketing” by Kirill.

Join Jesse, Kirill, and Sam as we chat about various marketing topics all while enjoying a cold beer.


Core Discussions:

  • Personal Branding by Sam
    • Visibility through consistent content
    • Content focused on engagement
  • LinkedIn Best Practices by Sam

Kirill’s Rant:

  • What is “Good Marketing” and What is “Bad Marketing”
  • If I do marketing as a hobby – then, does that make me a marketer?
    IF SO…
    If I make Mac and Cheese – then, does that make me a chef?
  • Why Kirill uses LinkedIn

Sam’s Story

  • From blue collar to white collar: How LinkedIn changed Sam’s career
  • How an emerging marketer should use LinkedIn
Sam Circle

Guest: Sam Swirsky


Sam is a successful LinkedIn content creator who provides
“weirdly specific LinkedIn tips to increase engagement”.
Sam truly is an all around good guy.
We consider him a LinkedIn guru, yet he sees himself as someone who just wants to help others.
We highly recommend following Sam on LinkedIn.

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