Episode 002 – Agency vs Client Side Marketing & Social Media Sucks

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Welcome to Brands and Brews Marketing Podcast second episode! Today’s episode Jesse and Kirill discuss Pros and Cons of Agency vs Client Side Marketing, why Social Media sucks, and does a young professional need a marketing degree?

Join Jesse and Kirill as we chat about various marketing topics all while enjoying a cold beer.


Core Discussions:

  • Pros and Cons: Agency vs Client Side Marketing.
    • Kirill’s Client Side experience.
    • Jesse’s Agency experience.
    • Where should a young marketing professional start a career?
    • Should a company (big and small) hire an internal marketing department or use an agency?

Kirill’s Rant:

  • Social Media sucks: a rant about sponsored content, advertising, and shitty/engaging content.

Young Professional Segment:

  • Do I need a degree to get into marketing? – Extension from Episode 001.

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