Episode 001 – Creative Marketing vs Analytics and Sorry for the Emails

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Jesse drops a F-bomb and Kirill has a rant!

Brands and Brews Marketing Podcast very first episode! Jesse and Kirill discuss creativity vs analytics, paying interns, and a rant on spam, and some solid advice for young professionals looking for their first gig.

Join Jesse and Kirill as we chat about various marketing topics all while enjoying a cold beer.


Core Discussions:

  • Jesse and Kirill’s digital marketing backgrounds.
  • Creative vs Analytics: two opposing marketing tactics for young professionals.
  • Should interns get paid?

Kirill’s Rant:

  • Email Marketing: “Sorry For All the Emails.”
    A rant about spamming and cold emailing.
  • Jesse’s fake a$ cold email.

Young Professional Segment:

  • Do I need a degree to get into marketing?

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