S3E8 – The Evolution of Copywriting with Alan Tarr

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In this episode, Jesse meets with master copywriter Alan Tarr. Alan shares his copywriting experience from the last 35 years about what’s changed and what has stayed the same. 

Inspired by his true experience with “MadMan”, Alan is the founder of Write Like A Madman University. He’s a master copywriter, author, speaker, educator , and a writing coach. 


Core Discussions:

  • How Alan got into Copywriting
  • Copywriting 35 Years Ago Compared to Now
  • Write like a “MadMan”
  • How Important is GOOD Copywriting
  • Tips to Good Copywriting
  • How Does AI Enhance or Devalue Good Copywriting

Emerging Marketer:

  • General advice for young copywriters
Alan Tarr Circle Transparent

Alan Tarr


With over 35 years in copywriting, Alan Tarr is a master copywriter, speaker, educator, and writing coach. See more at How To Write Copy Now

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