S3E3 – Founder / Marketer with Tiger Safarov of Zen Supplies

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In this episode, Tiger Safarov shares his story on how he found an opportunity in the dental industry and created Zen Supplies – a SAAS solution that helps dentists manage and order inventory.

Plus, Jesse and Kirill ask Tiger about his content marketing tactics that helped grow the Zen Supplies brand. All this and more as they talk about marketing, while drinking beer.


Core Discussions:

  • Finding and addressing a pain point for dental offices
  • Immigrant to founder
  • Challenges of being a founder
  • Content marketing
    • Focus on what you’re good at
    • Interviewing influencers
    • Video marketing
    • Podcasting
    • Never use stock images
  • Working with a marketing agency vs in-house
  • How marketers need to focus on delivering “value” vs. providing “marketing
Tiger Safarov of Zen Supplies

Tiger Safarov


Tiger Safarov is the founder of Zen Supplies – a Saas solution that manages inventory and ordering dental supplies.

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