S3E2 The Road to Digital Marketing Entrepreneurship with Chris Roche

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Chris is a digital marketer nomad who runs his business while traveling on the road and living in a RV. In this episode, Jesse and Chris talk about entrepreneurship and opportunities for marketers in 2023.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Chris offers courses on how a digital marketer can create their own business. All this and more as Jesse and Chris talk about marketing over a beer.


Core Discussions:

  • Living as a marketing nomad in a RV
  • Running an agency – Catalyst Consulting
  • Starting a marketing business
    • Why all marketers should try freelancing or entrepreneurship
    • Taking care of your clients
    • How to grow a business
    • Benefits of the entrepreneur course – The Independent Marketer

Emerging Marketer:

  • How to start your own marketing business with zero customers
Chris Roche On Brands And Brews

Chris Roche


Chris Roche is marketing and demand generation consultant. He is the owner of Catalyst Consulting and recently launched “The Independent Marketer”, a course that shows how digital marketers can generate their own income.

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