S3E11: YouTube Ads for SMBs with Marcus Svedin

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Jesse meets with Marcus Svedin, YouTube Ads Specialist and Co-Founder of Titan Marketer. In this episode, Marcus shares the value of YouTube advertising and the fundamentals on how a small business owner should properly set up a YouTube Ads campaign. 

If you want to learn more about YouTube Ads, then pull out your notebook and give this a listen!


YouTube Ads Conversation:

  • The value of YouTube
    • 2 Billion Users
    • 81%+ of Americans Watch YouTube
  • Why YouTube is a Great Channel for Marketers
    • 8% of Advertisers Use YouTube Ads in the US
    • Targeting is Awesome!
  • How to Set Up a YouTube Ads Campaign
  • The 4 Steps on Creating a Script
    • Hook
    • Elevator Pitch
    • Story
    • Close
  • Budgeting
  • ROI

Additional Resources for YouTube Ads:

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Marcus Svedin


Marcus Svedin is the Co-Founder of Titan Marketer. Marcus helps business owners scale to multiple 6-7+ figures through YouTube Advertising.

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