S3E1 – Marketing Layoffs: Why Marketers Are First To Go?

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After a 6 month hiatus – Cohost Kirill Kniazev is back!!!

In this episode, we talk about #layoffs.

Maybe not the funnest episode we’ve had, but an informational one that anyone who’s been laid off can connect with. Jesse and Kirill discuss both sides of layoffs and why marketers are often the first ones to be let go. 

Also, how marketers can improve their value and what they could do after getting laid off. All this and more as we talk about marketing over a beer.


Core Discussions:

  • Layoffs and Marketing Teams – Why are they first to go?
  • Kirill’s experience with getting laid off
  • Jesse’s two experiences with gettin laid off
  • What can you do after getting let go?

Young Professional Segment:

  • Getting hired in marketing recession

Brands & Brews Hosts:

Jesse McFarland

Jesse McFarland

Host, Beer Guzzler, Agency Guy, and Marketing Consultant

Kirill Kniazev

Kirill Kniazev

Host, Beer Lover, Client Side, and Senior Marketing Director


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