S2E5 Marketing in the Brew Industry with Kelly Hieronymus from West Sixth Brewing

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In this episode, Jesse meets the marketing and creative director Kelly Hieronymus from West Sixth Brewing company.

West Sixth Brewing is craft beer brewery that’s exclusively sold in the state of Kentucky.

West Sixth Brewing + Brands and Brews Marketing Podcast
West Sixth IPA from the West Sixth Brewing Company


Core Discussions:

  • About West Sixth Brewing and its demographic focus
  • Kelly’s journey from college to server to marketer in the beer industry
  • What are some successful marketing tactics work for growing a brewing company?
  • What are the biggest challenges?
  • What’s with the crazy beer can designs?
  • Plus, cans vs bottles…

Emerging Marketer

  • How to get in the beer/alcohol industry?
  • How the emerging marketer should use LinkedIn
Kelly from West Sixth Brewing Company

Kelly Hieronymus


Kelly Hieronymus is the marketing and creative director at West Sixth Brewing Company.

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