S2E4 – Social Media Marketing for Ecommerce with Colby Flood

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Nearly every entreprenuer has an unique story on how they overcome adversity before becoming a successful business owner. Overcoming addiction and personal demons, Colby Flood’s story is about as inspirational as it gets. In this episode, Colby shares is journey on finding his own path as a digital marketer and creating Brighter Click.

Plus, we talk shop on social media advertising for ecommerce businesses using Facebook and Instagram ads. Including: engagement ads, conversion ads, Facebook is still a thing, and retargeting. All this and more as Colby and Jesse talk about marketing over a brew.


Core Discussions:

  • Colby’s story as an entreprenuer
    • From addiction to rehab to entreprenuership
    • Why engagement in social media ads is important
    • Starting a marketing agency
    • Whats next for Brighter Click
  • Social media marketing for ecommerce
    • Why social media advertising for ecommerce
    • Engagement ads and why they are important
    • Engagement vs conversion campaigns
    • What’s up with Facebook
    • Retargeting, is it worth it?

Emerging Marketers:

  • How to start a job in an agency
  • What Colby looks for in the interview process
Social Media Marketing For Ecommerce With Colby Flood

Colby Flood


Colby Flood is the CEO and founder of Brighter Click – a social media advertising agency that focuses on Ecommerce businesses.

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