S2E2 – Women in Marketing & Technology with Kristin Foster

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“Be Your Own Advocate”
~Kristin Foster

Brands and Brews guest Kristin Foster, shares her experiences with what its like to work in marketing and technology.

This episode is an open discussion between Jesse and Kristin about challenges for women in marketing and technology base careers. It’s not meant to be factual or political, we’re just two peeps talking while drinking beer. We hope that you enjoy!


Core Discussions:

  • 4:40 – Kristin’s journey as a marketer
  • 9:17 – Digital and women’s career groups and meetups
  • 16:20 – Women in marketing leadership roles
  • 19:30 – Obstacles for women in marketing and technology roles
  • 27:02 – Agency life, Kristin’s experience
  • 33:50 – How being an endurance athlete helps Kristin’s career

Emerging Marketers:

  • 39:00 – Kristin’s advice for female emerging marketers
Women In Marketing + Technology With Kristin Foster

Kristin Foster


Kristin is a fantastic digital marketing and a strong leader in both agency and technology environments. She has versatile background and a strong interest with advocating for women in marketing & technology.

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