S2E1 – Tim Ash Unleashes our Primal Brains

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In this episode, Jesse and Kirill start season 2 off with a bang as best selling author and international keynote speaker Tim Ash.

Tim unleashes Jesse and Kirill’s primal brains, discussing the psychological influence in marketing and why we should spend more time focusing on the human brain and less on technology.


Tim Ash:

Tim Ash is an acknowledged authority on evolutionary psychology and digital marketing. He is sought-after international keynote speaker, and the best selling author of Unleash Your Primal Brain and Landing Page Optimization.

Discussion “Persuade the Brain”:
  • Tim’s background in digital science and marketing
  • About the books
  • Advice for inspiring marketers
  • Future marketing trends
  • What its like being an international speaker
  • Human interaction during a pandemic
  • What’s next for Tim
  • Tim’s thoughts on social media
  • Tim’s takeaway on marketing
Tim Ash - Brands & Brews Marketing Podcast

Tim Ash


Tim is an accomplished keynote speaker at over 200 events in four continents, best selling author with two books, and cofounder of SiteTuners – a strategic digital optimization agency

“Focus on the brain and less on technology.” – Tim Ash

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