Episode 010 – Marketing Leadership, Are Job Titles Real? And Why are Recruiters Like This?

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In this episode, Kirill shares some insightful marketing leadership tips and how to work towards a goal cohesively with a marketing team. Plus, Jesse complains about the inconsistentcy with marketing job titles and does a rant on his recent experience while working with recruiters during a job search.

Join Kirill and Jesse while they chat about various marketing topics all while enjoying a cold beer.


Core Discussions:

  • Marketing Leadership by Kirill
    • Driven Leadership
    • What is our “WHY”
    • Defining VALUES with a marketing team and creating a VISION
  • Marketing Job Titles
    • ┬áMarketing: Analysts, Coordinators, Specialists, Assistants, Managers, Directors…
      What the HELL is the difference?

Kirill’s Jesse’s Rant:

  • WARNING… This gets heated. Jesse doesn’t really hate all recruiters… ­čÖé
  • Jesse shares his recent story with finding a new job and his frustrations with recruiters


  • How to work with recruiters while looking for a new job.
    1. What is the salary?
    2. How/What is the interview process?
    3. Who is the main contact?
    4. Bring something extra (stick out)
    5. Follow up!

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