S2E7 Creating and Capturing Demand with Michael Shearer

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In this episode, Jesse meets with Michael Shearer as they share their experiences and opinions of demand generation and marketing strategies in 2022. All this and more as they talk about marketing, while drinking beer.


Core Discussions:

  • Demand Generation at Claravine
    • Events
    • SEO
    • What Worked in 2022
  • Demand Generation & Marketing Terms
    • Lead Generation
    • Creating Demand
    • Capturing Demand

Emerging Marketer:

  • What to learn as an emerging marketer:
Michael Shearer from Claravine on the Brands & Brews Marketing Podcast

Michael Shearer


Michael Shearer is a growth marketer with over 20 years of digital experience. He will known for his analytics and marketing technology background and a growth leader in B2B Saas startups and marketing agencies.

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